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If you are interested in buying a project and want someone to inspect it for you or with you in the southeast Texas area, feel free to call.  We can travel and inspect complete vehicles, projects, or parts for you at reasonable prices.  We use our own inspection sheets (available for download in our Forms for Download page) and will provide a report with our estimate of what will need to be done and what a ballpark figure should be, based on experience and what's selling around the country.  We do not do formal appraisals.

Inspections for potential clients are free within 100 miles.  We will schedule a day to come look at your project and go over your vehicle at your house or storage place before you bring it to the shop. 

Formal pre-purchase inspections (PPI) are $150 within 100 miles of my shop. 

A PPI will include a thorough inspection of the car, numerous pictures, crawling under the car, and lifting it on a jack if possible to inspect underneath.  I will drive or take a ride with the owner if the car is legally operable on the road, and do a basic engine exam to see how it starts and if it goes into gear if not road legal.  Inspections include a report of the paint, trim, rust issues, electrical components, glass; everything that can be seen and accessed without tearing it all apart.  It takes about an hour for me to do a thorough inspection of a vehicle.  It's the next best thing to looking at it yourself. 

Travel charges exceeding 100 miles are $1.00/mile.

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