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Final Assembly
This page will show a lot of detail pictures of things that have to be done when getting a car put together for the final time.

This is the car as it came from the paint shop back to Winding Road Classics. The color is Italian Red.

First on the agenda after paint was a good layer of undercoating on the wheel well and entire bottom side of the car. This was rolled and brushed on.

This is the right side of the rear suspension. Springs and other pieces are powdercoated for durability and smooth appearance. Brakes were done with copper/nickel line and new fittings throughout.

This is the front suspension, which is powdercoated as well. Spring liners were used in the transverse leaf spring for quiet, responsive action.

After getting the wiring, brakes, and contol cables installed, it was time to put the engine in place.

This is one of the myriad details that are not hard on their own, but even a small simple car like this Fiat have hundreds of them. This is the heater valve flap that closes off heated air from the cabin through a tunnel down the center of the car. When it is opened, heated air from a separate box around the exhaust pipe is allowed into the tunnel and channeled to the front of the car, where it can be directed at the windshield for defrost or onto the floor for heat. It is constructed of two pieces of metal with a thin rubber sheet sandwiched between them for sealing on the edge of the heat duct. The rubber was deteriorated, so I was able to cut a new piece of rubber and rivet the pieces back together after cleaning and painting them.

Another detail that everyone will see from inside and out is the rearview mirror. This one is neat because it has a map light built in with its own switch. The paint was crusty and the silver on the mirror had peeled and looked horrible. A new mirror was cut at a local glass shop and the whole assembly was cleaned, tested, and painted before reassembly. It will be installed after the glass is put in.

These two levers and housing were originally painted black, but when I saw that they were aluminum, I thought it would look good polished, especially against the black rubber floor and black upholstery. I disassembled, cleaned, sanded and polished the individual pieces. When sitting in the car, the left one is for the fuel enrichment circuit in the carburetor, which is the equivalent to a choke. The right lever is pulled to engage the starter motor.

This is the rubber floor, which is a five piece set of molded rubber. Still left to do in this picture is the shifter boot and ring.

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