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Engine and Transmission

When this project came to Winding Road Classics, nothing had been done to the engine, transmission, or transaxle.  It is a 479 cubic centimeter (this converts to 29.23 cubic inches, which is less than one cylinder in a small block V8 engine) two cylinder air cooled engine hooked directly to a four speed transaxle.  When the car came to Winding Road Classics, it was on a cart.    From the manual supplied by the owner, the engine is straightforward in design, just very much smaller than most of what came in American cars.  

The crankcase was dirty, but not overly so. The engine was not worn, just had not been run in years, and due for a freshening.

The valvetrain was quite dirty, but not worn and was simply cleaned and put back together.

This is a view of the cylinders after taking the head off. Plenty of carbon, probably from running rich. The previous use of this little car was mainly in parades and slow driving around town. Hopefully the owner will use it now for enjoyable driving at reasonable speeds. The top speed is supposed to be about 45 mph and the original horsepower rating was 13.

This is the clean engine block, ready for reassembly.

The head was cleaned and given a valve job, but all parts were reused.

This is the engine rejoined to the transaxle.

The engine was mounted to a stand to get it started, do a break in session since cam and lifters were changed, and do final adjustments.

View of the engine installed.
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